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    Radiative lifetime of the A 2$\Pi$1/2 state in RaF with relevance to laser cooling

  • T. Isaev, A.V. Oleynichenko, D.A. Makinskii, A. Zaitsevskii
    Optical cycling in charged complexes with Ra-N bonds

  • A.V. Oleynichenko, Y.V. Lomachuk, D.A. Maltsev, N.S. Mosyagin, V.M. Shakhova, A. Zaitsevskii, A.V. Titov
    Compound-tunable embedding potential method to model local electronic excitations on $f$-element ions in solids: Pilot relativistic coupled cluster study of Ce and Th impurities in yttrium orthophosphate, ${\mathrm{YPO}}_{4}$

  • M.G. Kozlov, A.V. Oleynichenko, D. Budker, D.A. Glazov, Y.V. Lomachuk, V.M. Shabaev, A.V. Titov, I.I. Tupitsyn, A.V. Volotka
    Excitation of the $^{229}\mathrm{Th}$ nucleus by a hole in the inner electronic shells

  • S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, V.A. Klemeshev
    1H,4H-1,4-diborabuckminsterfullerene with pyridine molecules and ytterbium endo-atom

  • K.N. Lyashchenko, O.Yu. Andreev, D. Yu
    Two-photon electron capture by H-like uranium


  • A. Anikin, T. Zalialiutdinov, D. Solovyev
    Natural line profile asymmetry

  • T. Zalialiutdinov, Y. Kozhedub, D. Solovyev
    Thermal contribution to measured g-factors in alkali atoms

  • D. Solovyev, T. Zalialiutdinov
    Radiative corrections to the level width in the presence of magnetic field

  • T. Zalialiutdinov, D. Solovyev
    Combined two-loop self-energy corrections at finite and zero temperatures

  • A. Anikin, A. Danilov, D. Glazov, A. Kotov, D. Solovyev
    Light antiproton one-electron quasi-molecular ions within the relativistic A-DKB method

  • M. Hosseinpour Khanmiri, R.V. Bogdanov, A.V. Titov, E.V. Fomin, M. Samadfam, M. Outokesh
    The tendency towards equalization of the 234U/238U isotopic activity ratios in fractions of U(IV) and U(VI) during thermal annealing of metamict polycrase

  • D.A. Maltsev, Yu.V. Lomachuk, V.M. Shakhova, N.S. Mosyagin, D.O. Kozina, A.V. Titov
    Electronic structure study of YNbTiO$_6$ vs. CaNb$_2$O$_6$ with U, Pu and minor actinide substitutions using compound-tunable embedding potential method

  • K. König, J.C. Berengut, A. Borschevsky, A. Brinson, B.A. Brown, A. Dockery, S. Elhatisari, E. Eliav, R.F.G. Ruiz, J.D. Holt, B. Hu, J. Karthein, D. Lee, Yu. Ma, U. Meißner, K. Minamisono, A.V. Oleynichenko, S. Pineda, S.D. Prosnyak, M.L. Reitsma, L.V. Skripnikov, A. Vernon, A. Zaitsevski
    Nuclear charge radii of silicon isotopes

  • A.V. Oleynichenko, A. Zaitsevskii, N.S. Mosyagin, A.N. Petrov, E. Eliav, A.V. Titov
    LIBGRPP: A Library for the Evaluation of Molecular Integrals of the Generalized Relativistic Pseudopotential Operator over Gaussian Functions

  • A. Petrov
    Numerical evaluation of systematics in the experiment for electron electric dipole moment measurement in ${\mathrm{HfF}}^{+}$

  • A.N. Petrov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.V. Titov
    Revisiting the $\mathcal{T},\mathcal{P}$-odd spin-rotational Hamiltonian of ${\mathrm{HfF}}^{+}$ for precise electron-electric-dipole-moment measurements

  • S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, V.A. Klemeshev
    Electronic State of Arsenic endo-Atom and Indices of Interatomic Bonds in [As@Ni12As20]3--/0, As20, Ni12As20, As@C60, and As@C70 Clusters

  • M.E. Bedrina, S.G. Semenov, M.V. Suyasova, V.P. Sedov, A.V. Titov
    Highly Hydroxylated Buckminsterfullerene Complexes with an Endohedral Iodide Anion

  • S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, T.A. Andreeva, A.V. Titov
    Spin-tautomery of endohedral Y@C60 complex

  • I.A. Maltsev, D.A. Tumakov, R.V. Popov, V.M. Shabaev
    Relativistic Stark energies of hydrogenlike ions

  • R.V. Popov, V.M. Shabaev, I.A. Maltsev, D.A. Telnov, N.K. Dulaev, D.A. Tumakov
    Spontaneous vacuum decay in low-energy collisions of heavy nuclei beyond the monopole approximation

  • V.A. Zaytsev, M.E. Groshev, I.A. Maltsev, A.V. Durova, V.M. Shabaev
    Calculation of the moscovium ground-state energy by quantum algorithms

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    Ab Initio Reconstruction of Interatomic Potential for the Ground Electronic State of CO Molecule

  • В.В. Мешков, Е.А. Пазюк, А.В. Столяров, Д.П. Усов, А.М. Рыжков, И.М. Савельев, Ю.С. Кожедуб, Н.С. Мосягин, В.М. Шабаев
    Ab initio -реконструкция межатомного потенциала для основного электронного состояния молекулы CO

  • Н.К. Дулаев, М.Ю. Кайгородов, А.В. Малышев, И.И. Тупицын, В.М. Шабаев
    Релятивистские расчеты энергий низко возбужденных состояний 1sns, 1snp, 1snd и вероятностей однофотонных переходов 1snl -> 1sn'l' в гелиеподобном ионе урана

  • A.V. Malyshev, Y.S. Kozhedub, V.M. Shabaev
    Ab initio calculations of the $2{p}_{3/2}{\rightarrow}2s$ transition in He-, Li-, and Be-like uranium

  • I.M. Savelyev, M.Y. Kaygorodov, Y.S. Kozhedub, A.V. Malyshev, I.I. Tupitsyn, V.M. Shabaev
    Ground state of superheavy elements with $120{\le}Z{\le}170$: Systematic study of the electron-correlation, Breit, and QED effects

  • И.И. Тупицын, И.М. Савельев, Ю.С. Кожедуб, М.Ю. Кайгородов, Д.А. Глазов, Н.K. Дулаев, А.В. Малышев, В.М. Шабаев
    Орбитальный коллапс 5g-электронов в сверхтяжелых элементах 8-го периода

  • И.М. Савельев, М.Ю. Кайгородов, Ю.С. Кожедуб, И.И. Тупицын, В.М. Шабаев
    Расчеты разности энергий связи многозарядных ионов Ho и Dy

  • S.D. Chekhovskoi, D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, L.N. Labzowsky
    Possible experiment on the observation of the $\mathcal{P},\mathcal{T}$-odd Faraday effect in intracavity absorption spectroscopy: Statistics and systematic errors

  • I. Kurchavov, D. Maison, L. Skripnikov, M. Grau, A. Petrov
    Nuclear magnetic quadrupole moment of $^{175}\mathrm{Lu}$ and parity-violating polarization degree of levels in $^{175}\mathrm{Lu}{\text{OH}}^{+}$

  • D.V. Chubukov, I.A. Aleksandrov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov
    Progress toward the $\mathcal{P},\mathcal{T}$-odd Faraday effect: Light absorption by atoms briefly interacting with a laser beam

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    Deformation versus Sphericity in the Ground States of the Lightest Gold Isotopes

  • L.V. Skripnikov, A.V. Oleynichenko, A. Zaitsevskii, N.S. Mosyagin, M. Athanasakis-Kaklamanakis, M. Au, G. Neyens
    Ab initio study of electronic states and radiative properties of the AcF molecule

  • S.D. Prosnyak, D.E. Maison, L.V. Skripnikov
    Updated Constraints on $\mathcal{T}$,$\mathcal{P}$-Violating Axionlike-Particle-Mediated Electron–Electron and Electron–Nucleus Interactions from HfF+ Experiment

  • J.W. Blanchard, D. Budker, D. DeMille, M.G. Kozlov, L.V. Skripnikov
    Using parity-nonconserving spin-spin coupling to measure the Tl nuclear anapole moment in a TlF molecular beam

  • G. Penyazkov, S.D. Prosnyak, A.E. Barzakh, L.V. Skripnikov
    Refined theoretical values of field and mass isotope shifts in thallium to extract charge radii of Tl isotopes

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    Opportunities for Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules

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    Theoretical molecular spectroscopy of actinide compounds: the ThO molecule

  • H. Sinenka, Yu. Bruyakin, A. Zaitsevskii, T. Isaev, A.V. Bochenkova
    Zwitterions Functionalized by Optical Cycling Centers: Toward Laser-Coolable Polyatomic Molecular Cations



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    Resonant elastic scattering of polarized electrons on H-like ions

  • K.N. Lyashchenko, O.Yu. Andreev, D. Yu
    QED calculation of two-electron one-photon transition probabilities in He-like ions

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    Electron-loss-to-continuum cusp in collisions of U$^{89+}$ with N$_{2}$ and Xe

  • K.N. Lyashchenko, V.A. Knyazeva, O.Yu. Andreev, D. Yu
    Asymmetry in emission of photons with left- and right-hand circular polarizations in two-photon decay

  • V.N. Kutuzov, D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, L.N. Labzowsky
    P,T-odd Faraday rotation in intracavity absorption spectroscopy with particle beam as a possible way to improve the sensitivity of the search for the time reflection noninvariant effects in nature

  • D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, V.N. Kutuzov, L.N. Labzowsky
    $\mathcal{P},\mathcal{T}\text{-}\mathrm{odd}$ Faraday rotation in intracavity absorption spectroscopy with a molecular beam as a possible way to improve the sensitivity of the search for time-reflection-noninvariant effects in nature

  • S.D. Chekhovskoi, D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, L.N. Labzowsky
    Photon-spin-dependent contribution to the P,T -odd Faraday rotation effect for atoms

  • T.A. Isaev, A.V. Zaitsevskii, A. Oleynichenko, E. Eliav, A.A. Breier, T.F. Giesen, R.F. Garcia Ruiz, R. Berger
    Ab initio study and assignment of electronic states in molecular RaCl

  • D.E. Maison, V.V. Flambaum, N.R. Hutzler, L.V. Skripnikov
    Electronic structure of the ytterbium monohydroxide molecule to search for axionlike particles

  • D.E. Maison, L.V. Skripnikov, A.V. Oleynichenko, A.V. Zaitsevskii
    Axion-mediated electron–electron interaction in ytterbium monohydroxide molecule

  • D.A. Maltsev, Yu.V. Lomachuk, V.M. Shakhova, N.S. Mosyagin, L.V. Skripnikov, A.V. Titov
    Compound-tunable embedding potential method and its application to calcium niobate crystal ${\mathrm{CaNb}}_{2}{\mathrm{O}}_{6}$ with point defects containing tantalum and uranium

  • N.S. Mosyagin, A.V. Oleynichenko, A. Zaitsevskii, A.V. Kudrin, E.A. Pazyuk, A.V. Stolyarov
    Ab initio relativistic treatment of the a3Π−X1Σ+, a′3Σ+−X1Σ+ and A1Π−X1Σ+ systems of the CO molecule

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    Large Shape Staggering in Neutron-Deficient Bi Isotopes

  • A. Kruzins, V. Krumins, M. Tamanis, R. Ferber, A.V. Oleynichenko, A. Zaitsevskii, E.A. Pazyuk, A.V. Stolyarov
    Fourier-transform spectroscopy and relativistic electronic structure calculation on the c3Σ+ state of KCs

  • M.Y. Kaygorodov, L.V. Skripnikov, I.I. Tupitsyn, E. Eliav, Y.S. Kozhedub, A.V. Malyshev, A.V. Oleynichenko, V.M. Shabaev, A.V. Titov, A.V. Zaitsevskii
    Electron affinity of oganesson

  • V.V. Baturo, P.M. Rupasinghe, T.J. Sears, R.J. Mawhorter, J.-U. Grabow, A.N. Petrov
    Electric-field-dependent $g$ factor for the ground state of lead monofluoride, PbF

  • E. Tiesinga, J. Klos, M. Li, A. Petrov, S. Kotochigova
    Relativistic aspects of orbital and magnetic anisotropies in the chemical bonding and structure of lanthanide molecules

  • S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, V.A. Klemeshev, A.V. Titov
    Quantum Chemical Study of X@BikPbm, BikPbm∙X, X@SbkSnm, and SbkSnm∙X Clusters

  • S.G. Semenov, M.V. Makarova, M.E. Bedrina, A.V. Titov
    Quantum-Chemical Model of the Minimal Cluster in Xenotime

  • S.D. Prosnyak, L.V. Skripnikov
    Effect of nuclear magnetization distribution within the Woods-Saxon model: Hyperfine splitting in neutral Tl

  • L.V. Skripnikov, D.V. Chubukov, V.M. Shakhova
    The role of QED effects in transition energies of heavy-atom alkaline earth monofluoride molecules: A theoretical study of Ba+, BaF, RaF, and E120F

  • L.V. Skripnikov, A.V. Oleynichenko, A.V. Zaitsevskii, D.E. Maison, A.E. Barzakh
    Relativistic Fock space coupled-cluster study of bismuth electronic structure to extract the Bi nuclear quadrupole moment

  • L.V. Skripnikov
    Approaching meV level for transition energies in the radium monofluoride molecule RaF and radium cation Ra+ by including quantum-electrodynamics effects

  • A. Zakharova, I. Kurchavov, A. Petrov
    Rovibrational structure of the ytterbium monohydroxide molecule and the P,T-violation searches

  • A. Zakharova, A. Petrov
    $\mathcal{P}, \mathcal{T}$-odd effects for the RaOH molecule in the excited vibrational state



  • D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, L.N. Labzowsky
    On the Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron: P-, T-Odd Faraday Effect on a PbF Molecular Beam

  • K. Gaul, S. Marquardt, T. Isaev, R. Berger
    Systematic study of relativistic and chemical enhancements of $\mathcal{P},\mathcal{T}$-odd effects in polar diatomic radicals

  • A.V. Kudrin, A. Zaitsevskii, T.A. Isaev, D.E. Maison, L.V. Skripnikov
    Towards the Search for Thallium Nuclear Schiff Moment in Polyatomic Molecules: Molecular Properties of Thallium Monocyanide (TlCN)

  • M.V. Makarova, S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, A.V. Titov
    Quantum-Chemical Modeling of the First Coordination Sphere of the Metal Cation in Monazite

  • S.G. Semenov, M.E. Bedrina, A.E. Buzin, A.V. Titov
    Structural Parameters and Electron Transfer in Ytterbium, Lutetium, and Cerium Compounds with Hydrocarbon Monocycles

  • D.E. Maison, L.V. Skripnikov, V.V. Flambaum
    Theoretical study of $^{173}\mathrm{YbOH}$ to search for the nuclear magnetic quadrupole moment

  • A.N. Petrov, L.V. Skripnikov
    Interference between the E1 and M1 Amplitudes of the Transition from the H State to C of a ThO Molecule

  • D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, L.N. Labzowsky, V.N. Kutuzov, S.D. Chekhovskoi
    Evaluation of the $\mathcal{P}, \mathcal{T}$-odd Faraday effect in Xe and Hg atoms

  • W. Nörtershäuser, J. Ullmann, L.V. Skripnikov, Z. Andelkovic, C. Brandau, A. Dax, W. Geithner, C. Geppert, C. Gorges, M. Hammen, V. Hannen, S. Kaufmann, K. König, F. Kraus, B. Kresse, Y.A. Litvinov, M. Lochmann, B. Maass, J. Meisner, T. Murböck, A.F. Privalov, R. Sanchez, B. Scheibe, M. Schmidt, S. Schmidt, V.M. Shabaev, M. Steck, T. Stöhlker, R.C. Thompson, C. Trageser, M. Vogel, J. Vollbrecht, A.V. Volotka, C. Weinheimer
    The hyperfine puzzle of strong-field bound-state QED

  • D.V. Chubukov, L.V. Skripnikov, V.N. Kutuzov, S.D. Chekhovskoi, L.N. Labzowsky
    Optical Rotation Approach to Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron

  • D.E. Maison, L.V. Skripnikov, D.A. Glazov
    Many-body study of the $g$ factor in boronlike argon

  • L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, A.V. Titov, V.V. Flambaum
    ${\mathrm{HfF}}^{+}$ as a candidate to search for the nuclear weak quadrupole moment

  • A. Znotins, A. Kruzins, M. Tamanis, R. Ferber, E.A. Pazyuk, A.V. Stolyarov, A. Zaitsevskii
    Fourier-transform spectroscopy, relativistic electronic structure calculation, and coupled-channel deperturbation analysis of the fully mixed $A^{1}{\mathrm{\Sigma}}_{u}^{+}$ and $b^{3}{\mathrm{\Pi}}_{u}$ states of ${\mathrm{Cs}}_{2}$

  • E.A. Pazyuk, V.I. Pupyshev, A.V. Zaitsevskii, A.V. Stolyarov
    Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules in an Adiabatic Approximation








  • A. Petrov, E. Tiesinga, S. Kotochigova
    Anisotropy-Induced Feshbach Resonances in a Quantum Dipolar Gas of Highly Magnetic Atoms

  • B. Neyenhuis, B. Yan, S.A. Moses, J.P. Covey, A. Chotia, A. Petrov, S. Kotochigova, J. Ye, D.S. Jin
    Anisotropic Polarizability of Ultracold Polar $^{40}\mathrm{K}^{87}\mathrm{Rb}$ Molecules

  • K.C. Cossel, D.N. Gresh, L.C. Sinclair, T. Coffey, L.V. Skripnikov, A.N. Petrov, N.S. Mosyagin, A.V. Titov, R.W. Field, E.R. Meyer, E.A. Cornell, J. Ye
    Broadband velocity modulation spectroscopy of HfF+: Towards a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment














  • A.I. Panin, A.N. Petrov, Y.G. Khait
    Theoretical study of low-lying electronic states and emission spectra of the excimer ions NaHe+ and NaNe+

  • A. N Petrov, A. Panin
    Electronic Structure of the Excimer Emitting Systems of the Type Inert Gas-Alkali Metal: The HeNa$^+$ Cation

  • A.V. Titov, N.S. Mosyagin
    Generalized relativistic effective core potential: Theoretical grounds

  • V.G. Kuznetsov, I.V. Abarenkov, V.A. Batuev, A.V. Titov, I.I. Tupitsyn, N.S. Mosyagin
    Multiconfigurational calculations of electronic structure Ag2, Ag2$^+$ with effective core potential. II. Spectroscopic constants and low-lying electronic states


  • N.S. Mosyagin, M.G. Kozlov, A.V. Titov
    Electric dipole moment of the electron in the YbF molecule

  • N. Mosyagin, M. Kozlov, A. Titov
    All-electron Dirac-Coulomb and RECP calculations of excitation energies for mercury atom with combined CI/MBPT2 method

  • V.G. Kuznetsov, I.V. Abarenkov, V.A. Batuev, A.V. Titov, I.I. Tupitsyn, N.S. Mosyagin
    Multiconfigurational calculations of electronic structure Ag2, Ag2$^+$ with effective core potential. I. Atomic calculations and generation of effective core potential for Ag



  • A.V. Titov, N.S. Mosyagin, V.F. Ezhov
    $\mathit{P},\mathit{T}$-Odd Spin-Rotational Hamiltonian for YbF Molecule

  • A.V. Titov
    A two-step method of calculation of the electronic structure of molecules with heavy atoms: Theoretical aspect

  • V.A. Batuev, V.G. Kuznetsov, A.V. Titov, I.I. Tupitsyn, N.S. Mosyagin, I.V. Abarenkov
    Ab initio calculations of Ag2, Ag2+ with Effective Core Potential: Spectroscopic constants and low-lying electronic states







  • Yu.Yu. Dmitriev, A.V. Titov, A.V. Shtoff
    Generalized Brillouin Theorem and Calculation of Transition Matrices and Energies for Atoms and Molecules



  • Yu.Yu. Dmitriev, A.V. Titov
    Generalized Brillouin theorem and self-consistent approximation for transition density matrix

  • Yu.Yu. Dmitriev, M.G. Kozlov, L.N. Labzovsky, A.V. Titov
    EDM of the PbF molecule induced by P,T-nonconcerving neutral current